Tyrell Crosby

Is it just me or is he much improved?

He’s been here long enough, he should finally be earning that money…lol

Year 3 for a 5th rounder sounds like an appropriate time table.

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As i said on another thread the O-line is now solid and no longer torpedo’ing drives - with the exception of Vaitai who looked really off the pace yesterday. Will be interesting to see what happens with Dahl back, Crosby has done about as well as you could expect your swing tackle to do and deserves a longer look at right tackle, he has been a big upgrade on Wagner.

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Much improved!

Crosby must the why the mantra is “putting your best 5 lineman out there.” This could be a permanent move for Vaitai. Hopefully he embraces it and improves for next week and beyond.

Crosby has done everything you could ask of a 5th round pick.They need to resign him to a new deal soon.

Is it too late to give Vaitis money to Crosby?

Remember Vatais contract is pretty easy to shed after this year

And they played him out of his position this weekend

It’s easy to shed after 2021

Yea. I think that’s why the OL looked better the first 2 weeks. Vaitai played RG, Jackson moved to LG and Crosby stayed at RT. Probably going to take a while for the guards to get used to the changes. Good idea if it works out. Wonder what will happen when Dahl is healthy again.

Yeah, that’s about what it took Dahl as well, right?!?!

So we didn’t want to pay Glasgow but now we’re paying Vaitai 10 million a year to play OG now?!?!
Sounds about right. LOL

Vaitai is a little cheaper and I think he has more potential. Certainly in the run game at least. Glasgow’s floor is of course much higher

Meanwhile 6th rounder Michael Onewenu was the #1 ranked OG by PFF this past week (pending tonights game). Keep in mind we had taken two OGs before him, though at least one looks like he will pan out.