Tyrod Taylor to Texans 1 yr--a little under $6M base, but up to $12.5M

You don’t pay 12.5 million for Tyrod Taylor to be your backup. Nice try hiding it Houston. Watson is out.


Yep, looks like Watson is adamant about getting out of Houston and put his foot down.

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Please tell me waston isn’t going to the bears or minnesota

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Gotta be Jets or Dolphins

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Dolphins just gave out some money to Jacoby Brissett. Either Panthers or Jets. My money is on Carolina being smart enough to pull the trigger.


The Texans are so well run right now that I expect them to follow this up by hiring the Chargers team Dr.


Or they’re covering their rears if Watson decides to sit out.

That story definitely deserves to live on. Very well done.

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What about NE?

Kinda sends Watson a message though to go ahead and sit and cost yourself millions, we’re good.

Ian Rapoport


It’s a 1-year deal for less than $6M for Tyrod Taylor to the #Texans. A very solid deal for a backup.

Denver or San Fran for Watson…

I think Watson gets dealt eventually. I do not think they can mend that fence but I do think HOU is handling it properly. Hold your ground and continue to try and resolve it. If you can then trade him just prior to or during the draft.

geez i hope not