Under-the-Radar FAs Lions Could Target (names not in the typical list)


Mike Danna, who was born in Detroit, went to CMU, 26 years old, and a his best game of the season against the Lions in the opener [6 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL, 1 PDF, and from what I remember, several pressures], and finished the season with a career high 6 sacks.

At 6’2" 257-260, a little undersized, but he seemed to play like a bigger heavier player–more so than, say, Charles Harris.

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Everybody keeps saying Sean Murphy Bunting, but he’s a nickel CB.


Then there’s:

Will Harris- vet exemption deal
Mike Sainristil

I see no reason at all why we would go after him over any of the above guys unless he’s super inexpensive then sure

Would rather spend $ elsewhere and on keeping our own guys

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I did like Raekwon Davis coming out as a pure run-stuffer, but don’t really think we need to fill a spot like that, it would only block Bromart. But if we’re looking at Reader or Stewart, Raekwon could definitely be the bargain option. And DTs often take a few years to really get going, so there could be some upside too.

Agreed. Unneeded.

And Brown is a fine FA WR, but I’d just as soon re-sign Reynolds as sign him, they’re both gonna be WR4+ on the depth chart, and I’m on record as NOT wanting us to re-sign Reynolds.

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