Undlin/Bevell press conference

Starting right now, live stream.

Intrigued by his response when asked about core values on defense:
“There’s certain things that we know that we’re gonna do. You guys know that we’re a multiple front already…The core stuff [regarding] the fronts and the coverages [will be] a lot of the same stuff that they’ve done with Matt, with the New England system and the stuff that he brought with - and then some of the stuff that me and Matt are trying to bring together and bring in. Specifically, I’m not gonna talk about that…”

Where some of us have been speculating on the degree of Undlin’s role, he seems to indicate that his own ideas HAVE been a part of a (if partially, new) defensive philosophy that includes him.

I take that as a soft positive. He didn’t indicate that a decision was made about who would be play calling. I wish that MP would hand that off to him…


Darrell Bevell Press conference

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Notice Cory’s dog starts barking when he hears Carlos M. asking a question.

I like that he’s cut the same as BB in that he doesn’t talk

I would say the defensive philosophy remains the same, they’re a multiple front that strives for position and scheme flexibility.

Philosophy = unchanged.
Playbook = ever-changing. ~That~ is where Undlin’s going to have influence.


The reporter asked about ‘core values’ of the defense - which more or less translates to ‘philosophy’, I suppose. It was respective to that that Undlin gave his parsed answer.
System-wide, I expect it to remain fundamentally the same. Whether Undlin has introduced more blitzing, for instance, to the defensive ‘vision’ could be seen as a tweak to that philosophy, and implementation even, that is a reality for the defense before a play is ever called. I’m only speculating what Undlin proposes to bring to the table (more creative blitz packages please), but it seems clear that he has proposed something, and that’s being taken into account at a time of implementation. I’d say that affects the philosophy - but it won’t be any kind of wholesale change of face.

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Yeah, it’s kind of splitting hairs, I admit. A philosophy change to me impacts personnel decisions and all. I can see coverage disguises and responsibilities changing based on that being Undlin’s area of expertise. I can see that impacting personnel groupings and blitzing. Above all, I see the talent we’ve added as impacting what we do more than anything. Within our system, there are some plays they both obviously want added (listening to Undlin). We still have Bo Davis as the DL coach and the former Patriot player and Titans Inside LB coach Tyrone McKenzie as our LB coach. We’re still firmly a multiple team in the mold of Bill Belichick. I will still expect to watch gamepass and find them playing a 4-3 in the 1st half and a 3-4 in the 2nd half, or some such lunacy. I still expect them to scheme toward taking away the opponent’s strengths and forcing them to beat you with the weakest part of their game. I still expect gap-sound football to be an emphasis up front, etc.