Unfortunately Hutch is Chris Long 2.0

Billy Madison Shut Up GIF

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NFL Network just showed Hutch arriving to Ford Field…

and Mike Irvin was heard saying “that’s a bad man right there”….

I guess Irv likes the “Pressure King”… :wink::smirk::hushed:


Aiden should arrive by being carried in in one of these.

Drill down on that branding!


And you have been shown to be wrong, not with opinion, BUT WITH FACTS!!! Sacks are ONE of several things that can happen with “PASS RUSHING”. Sacks are EQUAL to the other things that can happen in good pass rushing. As I have shown you, sometimes a pressure can be more valuable than a sack. I PROVED this, and of coursem that’s why I have not seen you answer my question about the situation above where the two teams are tied late in the 4th. You ran from the question for a reason, and the reason is that the obvious answer destroys your claim that sacks are the most important things in the scope of “Pass rushing” . They are a good outcome the same as pressuring the qb can cause incompletions, and INT’s, and sacks can’t do INT’s.