Unfortunately Hutch is Chris Long 2.0

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NFL Network just showed Hutch arriving to Ford Field…

and Mike Irvin was heard saying “that’s a bad man right there”….

I guess Irv likes the “Pressure King”… :wink::smirk::hushed:


Aiden should arrive by being carried in in one of these.

Drill down on that branding!


And you have been shown to be wrong, not with opinion, BUT WITH FACTS!!! Sacks are ONE of several things that can happen with “PASS RUSHING”. Sacks are EQUAL to the other things that can happen in good pass rushing. As I have shown you, sometimes a pressure can be more valuable than a sack. I PROVED this, and of coursem that’s why I have not seen you answer my question about the situation above where the two teams are tied late in the 4th. You ran from the question for a reason, and the reason is that the obvious answer destroys your claim that sacks are the most important things in the scope of “Pass rushing” . They are a good outcome the same as pressuring the qb can cause incompletions, and INT’s, and sacks can’t do INT’s.


Can we say after 3 more games that this is closer to being accurate?

Love Hutch thinks he is a very good player but to think he is elite is just being a fanboy.

If he can some how get 8-10 sacks a season and a few impact turnovers and become a great leader that is all we can ask for.

If he gets help yes he might up those numbers and make more impact plays just don’t ever think he is ever going to be 12+ sack a season guy. That might be his ceiling. Was hoping he would be the single season sack leader for the lions just don’t know if he ever gets over 15 like porcher had.

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The fact that nobody else commented so you had to revive your old thread says maybe it’s not.

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Yep must be elite because no one that is a fanboy will admit he is not.

Elite players don’t disappear in half the games played in the season even if they are double teamed.

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I still think he can be that guy. But as you said he needs help on the other side. The dude faces a ridiculous amount of double teams.

We need another legit pass rushing threat on the opposite side of him. Bruce may help. Houston sure did last year.

Hes tied 45th in sacks. We need to stop with hes doubled teamed a lot. Maybe hes hurt or maybe hes just above average player right now. Thibodaux has a 11 and he has zero help as well.

The help argument is over-used. Who’s helping Crosby or Hunter? Donald most years never had a true pass rusher opposite of him other than Floyd for a few years who was good not special. Has Chris Jones had help over the years? Dominant pass rushers are always keyed on.

All that said. I blame Glenns scheme more than Hutch. With NFL level blitz packages and stunts. His production would be better. I have a a hard time believing that almost everyone Glenn has brought in just sucks on defense.


Thibs is having a good year rushing the passer. I’ll give you that but he gets spanked in the run game. Hutch is a complete player

PFF is not always accurate.

But Hutch is a 90 this year
Thibs is a 59


Seems not very Chris Long like


Not tied for 45th in sacks either:

More like the 12 neighborhood.

And, quite frankly, I think he had one taken away from him when Jefferson reared back as if to pass, then was “sacked.” Initially, it was called a sack, then later, it was scored a TFL.

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I had same thought too, I don’t see the power ,till Dallas game I was wondering why he is noT making plays when it matters ,but he makes likes consecutive sacks in garbage time . But he made a key stop against Dallas that bought us back in the game , he is very keen in celebrating after a sack.How is the jags dt taken before him. I wanted to add a thread like this but I know you guys will get angry at me :grin:. I was expecting micha pharson when he was drafted