Uniform Reveal Event?

Anyone going? Just got the email from them and can purchase 4 tickets. Not sure I want to go though.

They sell tickets to see a uniform? News to me.

At least have Fox maul a couple footballs for the fans.

Will Sewell be walking on the catwalk? Asking for a friend.

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They are $10 each, but you get $10 Lions Loot to spend on food/drinks.

I think that’s on a Thursday so that’s a no go for me.

hell no -I’ll see them in due time and for free, why pay for it ?

April 18th at the annual ticket holder meeting

Oooh Lions fashion show.

I am not supposed to tell you this because I could get in trouble.

But my inside sources (not) tell me that each person in attendance will receive a luxury luggage piece personally signed by the designer…Tatum Bell.


I would have preferred a baseball signed by Bob Quinn.


I was hoping for a Baconator and Frosty delivered by Joe Cullen.

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The luggage also has Rudi Johnson’s seal of approval.

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I’m worried bros

I have a feeling this is going to be stupid af

Get Dannie Rogers and Christen Harper to model the new uniforms… now we’re talking :laughing:

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Kendrick Lamar Reaction GIF by SZA


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The luggage will have a built in GPS tracker, just in case you “misplace” your luggage.