Unreal HS RB, Sign him up JH

Sorry a bit off topic, but I’d love to see him on the Lions in 3 years!
I could watch this kid all day, his HS team won the Indiana State championship, he holds the record for most TD’s and yards in a season and NO college scholarship offers. ???

Link To Article: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/indiana-high-school-fullback-is-dominating-his-opponents-but-doesnt-have-a-scholarship-offer

He is more quick then fast.
A gym rat.
Very smart football player.
He will not be recruited heavily because of his race. That is a white RB. He could break 5000 yds in a season and score 100 touchdowns be a 4.29 40 guy at 220 lbs. and he’d still be a white RB.
Note, he has no offers and he is a fullback.

He’s stiff, reminds me a lot of Mike Alstott running the ball. Could be a Fullback, H-back type but probably won’t be a RB.

Not a quick twitch athlete.

Yeah, I got the joke, but then this line killed it. I hope you aren’t serious, considering we’ve already had white RBs be successful and celebrated.

Of course he isn’t serious…there’s no such thing as a white guy who can run 4.29 @ 220lbs…

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Therein, lies the point.