UofM and MSU games

I thought both teams looked pretty good, albeit against some easier competition.

Lavert Hill could have made the UofM game a bit more convincing but really, after that first TD by MTS, Michigan held them to only 14 more points the rest of the game.

UM Had two TD drops that kept the game closer that it really was, O’Hara, QB of MTS impressed me.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that TD pass that went off the UofM receivers hands. I think they scored anyways, right?

And the interception - guaranteed pick six…and it was an easy one - total floater.

Fumble on PR, that game was a much bigger blowout than it appeared on paper. 3 offsides penalties in the first half. They have a lot of mistakes to eliminate. 3 more weeks before they face any real competition, though. They’ll be tough.

That whole team impressed me. What a scrappy group of really well coached kids. And their defensive and offensive scheme and game plan was solid.