Up Date Announced Lion Roster Moves



A couple mini shockers in there…

Yeah why bring back those 4 for 1 day?

I was surprised there wasn’t some new blood on the original PS. Then they re-sign everyone. Now they waive 4 guys after 1 day?

Just the crazy speed of the releases? Disorganized? They had to call these guys up and find out if they would come so they signed who they could first?

Would love to know the background story here.

You’re going to resign the players you want first. Just in case the other players you’re targeting decide to sign elsewhere.

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Just the crazy speed of the releases? Disorganized?

Medicals for one thing why wave a player an then guy u agreed to sign fails medical Teams also released guys late when there claims were made official .

You want to find problems an bad mouth this new staff better select better spots to bash.

Lot of nuggets in this press conference with both Holmes and Campbell:

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