Update* : X-rays say I may have a fractured tail bone-Dr appointment ,this Thursday in the AM

just resting , waiting to playing it by ear -waiting to hear what Doc says. :shushing_face:

Sounds miserable cub. Hoping you get some good news and a speedy recovery.

Worst days in hockey were the days you’d fall and hit tailbone just right.

If only you had known about this sooner, Brad might have drafted you.

Seriously though that sucks. I’m currently rehabbing for some torn cartilage in my knee. I tried to zig and my knee decided to zag.

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Probably related to your post game celebrations. :joy::joy:

Tailbone injuries suck Wolf… not much you can do though for them other than get lots of rest. Sorry to hear… but it’ll heal up before long provided you don’t go horse back riding

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Sorry you are going through a bumpy health run. Tailbone fractures are difficult since they take awhile to heal and there isn’t a lot to be done except wait it out

Had Horse flip over backwards on me once and fractured my tail bone, not a fun injury sitting can be a problem. Feel for Wolf, and hope you get better soon I’m pulling for you bro.

Payers for healing as well as patience and perseverance brother…

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I first read this as the horse flipping backwards and landing on top of you, in which case coming out of it with just a broken tailbone would have been a remarkably lucky outcome.


Frickin horses… Ive seen this happen and luckily my ex-Marine stepson was able to hop off, roll and pop up without the horse, (who the trail guide forgot to mention loved to roll in puddles, did just that) rolling over on him.

I dont like horses and this was the very first time I was on one and saw that…

Dont care if I ever get on another, much to the shame of my Irish and family history being full of them.

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That’s exactly what happen horse spooked flipped over backwards on cement broke my tailbone and got a concussion.

I used to get on 20 race horses every day. There a great animal but can be a pain in the ass , litterly Lol.


I remember being in a horseback riding class as a kid and having the instructor say “If your horse suddenly veers away from the rest of the class and heads for the lake you have to jump off. It’s hot out here and they like to cool off in the water.” Like a 10 year old riding a horse for the 2nd time in his life is going to have the presence of mind to jump off a galloping horse before it accidentally drowns him.


Haha wonderful advice for a 10 year old.

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Lol yeah that’s the problem with Horse they got a mind of there own sometimes, we used to go on trail rides as a family and my son’s mom’s horse loved the water, he drugged her there in a river and started to roll with her on his back she slide off and got sooked it was kinda of funny. She didn’t think so.

Horses are like people …most will ultimately let you down at some point and. When you find that one you can truly trust… you keep them for a lifetime!!

Used to ride, bull ride and do amateur rodeo in WY, Colorado area…. Lord and miss head rubs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face: :racehorse:

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At least with a bull you know the angry bastard is going to throw you. Horses are sneaky.

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