Updated: 2021 Detroit Lions Draft Board

Figured it was worth providing here …

Round 1: 7 overall
Round 2: 41 overall
Round 3: 72 overall
Round 3 (from Rams): 88 overall
Round 4: 101 overall
Round 5: 137 overall


88 or 89?

Tankathon had it at 89, is that wrong?

It’s 88. Tankathon still has the Patriots pick there. They just don’t pick anyone with it. All the numbers after that pick are off 1.

Draftek has 88. I like this. 6ths and 7ths are crapshoots anyway, moreso this year. Expect with all of our new found scouting expertise, and no picks in the 6th and 7th that we will be active with the UDFA’s.

Trading down from 7 for first next year, plus late first this year.

Next year -
Three firsts and multiple picks in first 3 rounds, better cap situation, and tons of leverage to move around, if need be


Thanks. Fixed.

Interesting to see if the Lions trade down to get an extra pick somewhere. Hate it if they trade up and lose a pick or two. There’s gonna be a lot of focus on who gets picked and who gets bypassed this year.

How I picture all the mock draft experts in the Den right now.

Five (1rst rd. picks) in 3 years for the Lions!

We are going to see trade scenarios flying around for the next couple off-season’s at a rate never before seen in the Den.

“use our picks to move up and get _______”

Over/under on this phrase being used during the 2021-23 off-seasons?


Can we add a Round 1: 2022 TBD
Round 1: 2023 TBD

It just looks better :grinning:

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I think the Lions may get an opportunity to trade down from 7OA if someone wants to leap frog CAR to get a CB.

SF maybe?

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We are up to 6 picks. I think we would really like to get to 8. There is so much talent in this draft. Our roster is very weak.

Great Defenses have an elite player at each level. That is a primary odjective this year.

Our front office has excellent talent evaluators. Our coaching staff is superb. Let’s get some talent.

That is the new regime…

This was the last regime.


No offense, and I hope you are correct but you might have made a few assumptions ahead of any data that warrants them. I suspect most of us are in wait and see mode: who do they release, who do they re-sign or extend, which FAs from other teams do they sign, and of course who do they draft.

This team definitely needs talent, not many of us will argue that. But I don’t know if they can manage to acquire elite players at every level on defense. That might be a bridge too far so to speak, in only one year for a team that only has 6 picks and not much cap room. I think we’re going to have to temper our expectations a little bit, but I do expect to see a more competitive team with a better attitude than in recent years.


I’d love to see a trade down this year, and hate the idea of a trade up that involves losing picks this year or next. The thing is (IMHO), I think this 1st year of the new regime requires some shake down of our schemes and systems on both sides of the ball. Meaning, I think the Lions will be better off using this year to evaluate who they have now that is under contract and can’t be cut for financial/cap reasons to see who they should keep and who needs to go. Not that some of the guys on the team now aren’t overpaid and should be released, but you don’t cutoff your nose to spite your face. IOW, if the guy might be usable and isn’t costing us too much money to cut, then keep the guy for this year.

I don’t see any way of being close to good enough to make the playoffs, cuz I don’t think the defense can be fixed in only 1 year. Plus, we need to see what Goff can do, what works and what doesn’t and then go to work to tailor the roster next year. I don’t wanna waste picks and cap space this year. The hard/long way is also the most likely way to get to where we want the Lions to be: a consistently playoff competitive team.

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There are so many possibilities, in terms of possible directions to go. I think everyone will be guessing.

I’d be really happy if they could turn around
-Use Swift more/better (guaranteed to happen)
-Get better play from the D as a unit, because of better scheme…which improves every one of them by default. (guaranteed to happen)
-Get Prater back on track

What if they get much of that right. I do believe Vatai sucks, but what if he doesn’t? Could potentially save us a draft pick.
Davis? Same.

Just did a mock on PFN… and I accepted a LOT of trades to get out of 1st entirely (ended up with SF’s 1st next year). Focus was Defense because our D is god awful and way too expensive to suck so much.
DT: Nixon, Shelvin, Wilson
DE: Golsotn (Detroit kid), Hayes, Herring
LB: Browning, Werner, Rice, Hilliard
CB: Rodarius Williams, Vincent, Jr., Tre Brown
S: Stevens

Added some weapons and OL depth as well
OL: Aaron Banks, Michael Menet, Alaric Jackson
WR: Nico (UofM), Schwartz (fastest man in CFB), Fitzpatrick (Detroit kid)
RB: Stevenson and Hubbard

I am well aware that this is ridiculous… but I think this is the type of route the Lions need to go. Nobody available in the first round is going to turn us into a contender, this draft wouldn’t turn us into a contender, but it 4 of these picks panned out it would be the most successful draft in Lions history.

Pretty sure Davis and Prater are off the books on 3/17.

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Anyone using that phrase should be banned… now… trade down???
I want the Lions to have the ENTIRE second round in 2023.