**Updated** Draft Position #6-#7

If Philadelphia wins or ties, we draft #6, if Washington wins, we draft #7

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It looks to me like if we both lose it’s possible that the NYG could climb ahead depending on how SOS shakes out.

I thought so too, but because most of the teams are playing within their division, there are only two games that effect our SOS . . . Arizona and Washington. Same with NYG . . . only TB, Chicago. Playing out the scenario where Arizona and Washington won and TB and Chicago loss, I came out with Detroit at .504 SOS and the Giants at .506 (Same as currently). :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

EDIT: your right, When I was going through the scenario’s I wasn’t giving Minnesota a win in our game.

So 3-7 with a loss (hopefully) and 8-12 with a win. Cool. Nice job figuring that out, I know I couldn’t have.

We won’t win so we can throw that scenario out the window. And that’s not being a pessimistic fan, that’s just looking at the reality of the situation and who we are playing against. We have given up nearly 40 points per game in our last 5. To me that’s a sign of a team that’s partially checked out on defense.


This will probably be the year somebody high up on the Lions makes some kind of offensive comment and the team gets penalized by losing their 1st round pick.

We will almost certainly win this week. It’s what we do.

Haha want to bet say a $1000 bucks!?

The moment I put any money on the Lions, or count on them for survival or confidence pools, or fantasy, the opposite thing happens. I never mix money and the Lions, so no thank you lol.

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I like to gamble on Fantasy leagues, my strategy is to always start whoever is playing against the Lions D, it works great.

For like six straight years it’s been sound strategy.

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Bump in case anyone’s curious


Looks like pick 7 is secured. Giants in victory formation

I’m laughably bad at math, but wouldn’t we leap Philly (and pick 6) if they beat WA tonight?

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Up 1 with Philly win.

Up 1 with Houston win.

I think we’re going up more.

Just a side note.

But if Denver and Caroline can pull off wins, it would keep us from having to rotate draft slots with them in the subsequent rounds. Every little thing helps.


Man, I was just typing exactly that when your post appeared!! We’re really rooting for Houston and the Giants, but also the Bronco’s and Panthers. Sweet loss today!


Good Point Guys!!! Never crossed my mind

Texans can’t stop Henry, he’s a monster.