Use as example get are LOT extended for 4 more years

Cardinals re-signed LT D.J. Humphries to a three-year, $45 million contract.

Per NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, Humphries gets $29 million guaranteed.

add 3 or 4 more to decker an have that position set for years

Ohh yote… don’t you read this board at all? Decker is crap and shouldn’t be starting on anyone’s team, let alone ours.
In seriousness tho (although that is a serious take in here) I agree with you. There are much and many worse out there. I’m good with keeping him, and yes I’ve cussed him a time or two.

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He is graded very high last year He would be worth a extension of 4 years. based on this deal we would have him for next 5 years

Take what that guy got for 3 years an add this years salary $10,350,000 4 year deal 55 to 60 million deal with 35 guaranteed I would do it

He is young an a solid LOT that we would have for next 5 years He is just hitting his prime playing age an experience

  1. LT [TAYLOR DECKER Olman for 2019 9th best at OT
    Positional grade rank: t-9th at tackle
    18 Ragnow second graded Center

7 LG JOE THUNEY 5th at guard is why I would like him in FA


I suspect the Lions will look to lock up Decker long term. LT’s aren’t easy to find and Decker is above average.

To be honest I’m not worried about Decker. I think the Lions will get an extension done in due time.

I do wish his play was a little more consistent though.

I’d rather pay Thuney than Glasgow

Me too… I think he’s our target.

Decker is far from crap.

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He must be part Scottish

Locking up Decker at LT is smart move , Decker has been very solid and I argued this going into 2019 …Health has been an issue , particularly health when he should be developing and getting stronger . It’s no coincidence that 2019 was his second best season when he was healthy all off season and in camp , his first since his rookie year.
LOT do not grow on trees , we invested a high pick in him and thus far has not disappointed . This team has to start getting these first round picks on second contracts and letting him play the season on the 5th year option would be a mistake come next season . Lock him up now, when financial security long term will be in his best interest and hopefully come with a little discount in doing so .

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Me three… and I also agree that he’s a target.

Decker’s play declined a bit early last season due to back injury. He played better as he healed. He needs to be here for a long time imo.