USFL Championship Game

Anyone else watching?


I am! Just wasn’t on here yet, Jim. Close game.

Damn nice pass.

What quarter!?

Jimmy’s still got it


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Our former RB has125 yards at halftime, lol

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Cookus looks great. Hasn’t shown his arm, but his management and accuracy are showing.


wow, really extended that play and found the receiver

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Stars aren’t even trying to run

Lions ought to bring him in. He doesn’t have to be the next Kurt Warner, he just has to be better than Blough.

I thought that too.

Assuming his knee isn’t ruined he will be a camp arm somewhere.

Odd that the game ended with two backup QBs

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Despite injuries and such, that was a pretty damn good game for semi-pro guys on a July 3rd evening.

I was hooked by halftime.


Yeah, you guys got me watching it and I was hooked too. Kept looking up players. All of them with some NFL experience.

Birmingham’s star receiver - Victor Bolden Jr - was on Lions PS for a while.

I was blown away by the Scooby guy. Just a gamer. Barely cracked an NFL roster.

It was a good game. Too bad Cookus got hurt, he had a shot as a #3 somewhere.

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