Valdes-Scantling drops go-ahead 51yd TD

Thanks for nothing, Marquez! Now, my question is, if it was Jamo - would he have had to turn his body around to snag that pass?
Probably not, cuz Mahomes can generate way more velocity than Goff. Mahomes doesn’t have to launch the ball so high in the air like it seems with Goff on the deep balls.

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Biggest Valdez disaster since Exxon!



Dont know if this qualifies as “too soon” but nice!

That wasn’t the only bad drop at the end of the game it was raining but geez they’d easily be the best team without all the drops.


@brandyfan well you choose what you spend on. Probably could afford receivers with better hands if you qb didn’t cost 500M.


So true.

Now that the Skyy is falling the Moore whiff was a biggie.

Chain moving drops, drive killing drops, scoring drops, game ending drops…WOW!!!

The fans most pissed off is probably the 49ers.

The KC WR’s gifted the Lions and Eagles victories. The 49ers could be in great shape for the 1 seed if anyone could catch a Mahomes pass

KC dropped that game. Shut out in the 2nd half for 3 straight games. Interesting.

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Do the Eagles get an asterisk too?

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Yep. Already marked it down.

The Gregory Brothers Writing It Down GIF by VidCon

No, they get the honor of getting their asses whooped by the Ravens in the Super Bowl.

I can dream

I was a curse this week. Bet on Chiefs and Chargers.

Both dropped wide open TD passes at the end

Eagles going to the SB is your dream?

herr derr

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