Valenti with a very fair take on the Hock pick

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Now someone called in advising us to sign Tyreek Hill.

I’m starting to think Valenti isn’t the issue on his program LOL.

Two months from now, and after he spends 6 games on suspension, there will be a real post here about how stupid this team and Bob Quinn are for not signing him when we had the chance. Guaranteed.

That would be a shame if true.

Valenti is fantastic. I rarely agree with him, but he makes very valid points and can really entertain when heated. He’s what a radio host should be. Real. Not fluffy and fake.
As for his take, I agree 100%.
He’s a solid player with few flaws and he will make this team better. Thats what we want isn’t it?
I wanted Oliver just as much as anyone I know, but I really find it hard to make any sort of case to complain about Hockenson.
I get it, TE in the top 10. It’s risky, but if that risk turns into reward, we have ourselves a really special player for years.


Hill should be ostracized. At some point the NFL’s actions will have to match it’s rhetoric, and as of right now, it doesn’t.

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