Victor Wembanyama doppelganger in the NFL?

He was built in a lab. This kid is 7’3 with the skills of a guard. It really is incredible to watch this young athlete perform.

What would an NFL equivalent look like?

I’m imagining a 6’6 - 320lb player…with the agility and skills of a RB or WR!

Could we see such a creation in the future NFL?

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Put Fox on the Rack and feed him seal’s milk.

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I’ve seen 7’5" multiple places.

Utah is going to be in good hands for a long time with him.

Calvin Johnson is maybe the closest comparison we’ve seen in the NFL.

Megatron was a freak of nature. How many of you here got to see Calvin in person on an NFL field? He looked like he was a varsity player playing against elementary kids. It was a surreal sight to see.

Could we see a 350lb linebacker with 4.4 speed one day?

A 6’9 Wideout with 4.2 speed and playmaking skills?

A 300lb running back with agility of Barry Sanders?

What are you talking about? The Pistons have one more good tank year left in them :wink:

Do his back and feet cooperate?

Idk he looks impressive for sure but at this time last year they were comparing Chet to Kevin Durant.

I’ve also heard of a player (can’t think of his name) that they’ve talked about as being the “next Lebron”. Good luck with living up to a top 10 player of all time expectation.

Yup - Fox doesn’t need more size. Raw power and balazing speed, combined with lethal accuracy. N A S T Y

I was thinking Hershel Walker.