Vikings are SCREWED

Lions are gonna tear through them like Santa tearing through a plate of Christmas cookies!!!

How do you know when you believe in your team?
My buddy says to me after the game, “The Vikings are the only game left on our schedule that we can’t beat.”
…And my response… I authentically laughed my ass off. Real, hearty, belly laugh!

We’re gonna massacre the vikings almost as bad as we did this team.
We are putting the entire NFL on notice right now.

Buffalo and Philly are better than us…for now!
Wait’ll after the draft, men.
Another offseason of these guys working with Fox
Another offseason of experience, strength and conditioning.

This, my brothers…is the gift that keeps on giving.
This is absolutely a new era in Lions football.
Not to sound like a broken record here, but…

Dan Campbell is the best HC in the NFL
Brad Holmes is the best GM in the NFL
Sheila is a great owner
Fox has otherworldly handsomeness!



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Message for Vikes fans…

s reactions share GIF

HAHAHA! Waitl’ll you see the message our boys send next Sunday!

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