Viking's eyeing extension for TJ Hockenson

The Vikes acquired Hockenson via an intra-divisional swap with the Lions in advance of the 2022 trade deadline. In 10 regular season games in Minnesota, Hockenson posted 60 catches for 519 yards and three scores. His 8.7 yards per reception rate was somewhat disappointing in light of the 11.1 YPR average he enjoyed over 3+ years in Detroit, but that could be a result of small sample size noise and could improve with a full offseason of work in the Vikings’ offense. Hockenson demonstrated how explosive he can be in the club’s wildcard round loss to the Giants, racking up 10 catches (on 11 targets) for 129 yards.

Hockenson, who will turn 26 next month, is under club control through 2023 since Detroit exercised the fifth-year option of his rookie deal last April. He is due to earn $9.4MM for the upcoming season, which would represent something of a bargain given the current state of the TE market.

Hard to imagine it doesn’t come in around $15m per

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And how much is LaPorta’s rookie contract? Hope he can match the production quickly, then surpass it.



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4 years of Laporta for less than 1 year of Hock…

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10 years for 200 mill sounds about right for the Vikings GM! :smile:

He gave a blocking tight end 7 mill per year in free agency.


The Hockenson trade was the equivalent of another country, giving us bail out money… Just better positioning for no reason


Honestly instead of paying Hock $15+ mill per year, the Vikes should let him walk in free agency and likely get a 3rd round pick back as a comp pick. They won’t because it would make the GM look like an idiot for trading for him, but that would be the smart move. The team is headed for a rebuild, why pay a TE a bunch of money during a rebuild!?

And to be honest, I like Hock, he’s good, but he aint worth anywhere close to a 4 years - 70 million dollar deal. If you are going to pay a TE that kinda money he better be close to Kelce’s level IMO


I really hope they sign him to a huge huge deal.


Kwesi huge!


It’s a bit convoluted, but with the Vikes second rounder we eventually landed Hendon Hooker.

In the short term, he’s probably the best backup the Lions have had since Shaun Hill.

But long term, the kid has starter potential. And could actually be a stud.

So, save tens of millions in cash plus a potential franchise QB for a guy the Lions DID NOT MISS A BEAT WITH AFTER TRADING, well, you go Brad Holmes.


I would let him test UFA… the TE market was pretty chilly this year and I just don’t see any team thinking Hock is worth $15 milly AAV.

He still has shown zero ability after the catch!!!


Y E S!!!

“Viking’s Eyeing Extention for TJ Hockenson”

Welp, there goes a new pair of shorts, shot to shit ! :speak_no_evil::flushed::poop:

Lions led the NFL in TDs from TEs after they traded Hock.

And we added LaPorta just to make sure TE stays as cheap and productive as a FoxConn factory, yet without all that dying on the job and stuff.


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And even more if you please…

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In 2022, Hockenson’s 7 starts with the Lions were an anomaly.

43 targets, 26 catches, 395 yards, 15.2 ypc, long of 81 yards.

86 targets, 60 catches, 519 yards, 8.7 ypc, long of 21 yards.

With the Vikings, Hockenson regressed back to the mean.

George Kittle‘s career ypc is 13.3. Hockenson is No Kittle.


Seems like Ben Johnson knows how to use a tight end

And unless you say it’s not really a meritocracy under Dan , it seems they saw Hock as the best tight end on the roster.

I get he’s no longer a lion but just imagine what Ben could do with him if that’s what he was doing with him …

I just feel like lions fans mess with the karma by constantly :poop: any former lion player

Is that why they traded him?