Vikings fire Mike Zimmer

Just came through on my ESPN updates.

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Rick Spielman?? Hmmm, that sounds familiar. I wonder if maybe…

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Might be a swap of executives….
Dorsey to Vikes… Spielman to Detroit…?

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Vikes are a classical example of what could have been imho

They played in 14 one possession games…. That close all year but only one six if I counted right…

Not sure I’d have pulled the trigger this year but it’s good for us short term!

Cousins could be next.

That would make sense for the Vikings. Dorsey has probably learned to play well with others from the Lions kumbaya experience. Wasn’t his personality/clashes the main reason for him being fired twice?

Then Dorsey should leave Minny and go to CHI just to round out the whole NFCN experience.

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Let make one thing perfectly clear, Rick Spielman is a great talent evaluator! We could use him


Let’s pump the brakes on that one a little bit… anyone who signs Kirk Cousins to that contract has some stuff working against him.

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Denver, Pittsburgh, and WFT (or Admirals, or whatever they will be called) are probably willing to take Cousins off of Minnesota’s hands if they can’t get Rodgers, Wilson, or Watson.

QB always seemed to be his downfall.

I agree. I am really shocked they fired him. He is highly regarded around the league.

Chris should try to find a spot for his brother in the FO.

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