Vikings Playoff run unbroken

Ha ha ha ha…ha…heh…uhhh…we would KILL to have even half of those playoff appearances…thats 31 times in 54 years! 12 for us.

BNL are WAAAAYYYYY overdue. Thank God its finally here


I kind of disagree here…

1 winner each year and 31 losers

These guys just took a little longer to lose ……

I like the Hope it can generate for the next season and all that hype but in the end…. If you don’t win at least the conference championship game…. You just took longer to fail at your annual goal….

But that me….

And ….

It’s is funny though!! :crazy_face:


I think you’re on to something, DeadDog. I can see another banner for Ford Field: “Didn’t fail until the January 8, 2023.” But is there room for that among all our other participation ribbons?