Vikings sign…Sam Darnold

Umm…okay. :joy:

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The thing I like the least about this is discovering Lions Legend Josh McCown is their new QB coach. Totally fine with everything else.

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That’s high end backup QB money.

Since Tarkenton, it’s been Tommy Kramer, Steve Dils, Wade Wilson, Archie Manning, Tony Adams (during the 1987 strike), Rich Gannon, Jim McMahon, Sean Salisbury, Warren Moon, Brad Johnson, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, Daunte Culpepper, Todd Bouman, Spergon Wynn, Gus Frerotte, Tavaris Jackson, Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger, Brett Favre, Joe Webb, Christian Ponder, Donovan McNabb, Matt Cassel, Josh Freeman, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, Shaun Hill, and Case Keenum.

During Cousins’s time with the team, other starts went to Sean Mannion, Joshua Dobbs, Nick Mullens, and Jaren Hall.

The franchise’s only first-round quarterbacks were Tommy Kramer in 1977, Daunte Culpepper in 2000, Christian Ponder in 2011, and Teddy Bridgewater in 2012.

So who will be next?

Vikings fans are going to go kwesi when they see this.


Bridge QB until the rookie they draft is ready.


I feel like they are in kind of a weird place this draft rn

You trade up for your QB of the future (Chargers pick being the most likely), your gonna have to swap those firsts, than give up their 2025 first, and their 2024 2nd, plus maybe their 2025 3rd?

all im saying is they will have no day 2 picks in a deep draft. should have traded Danielle Hunter last year, would have gotten something at the deadline.

if they dont trade up, likely lose out on the big 4 qbs of the draft, and are stuck with either Penix or Bo Nix at 11, or Broncos jump them for either one aswell (Giants are reported to go QB rn)

Vikings are in a weird spot, if they hit the QB they are fine, but the questions if they trade up or not.

I think Darnold is a good get for them, truly. By all accounts he’s been a good guy in the QB room for Purdy and others while staying as sharp as possible.

Possibly, it signals that the Vikings are targeting Penix, maybe even Spencer Rattler or another mid-range prospect and are willing to play Darnold for awhile at discount starter money. Not a horrible plan if the following things go right: Jefferson, Addison, and Hockenson (when he returns) carry the offense. Darnold has a career rebirth ala Steve DeBerg, Rich Gannon. The investment made in the rest of the defense provides more offensive opportunities.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the Vikings pass on QB in the first round altogether and see who is left in the second. There’s six QB’s that are worth a 1st round pick, I find it doubtful all six actually go in the first, and that leaves the Vikings in a pretty decent spot to scoop up whoever falls.

Basically, it’s the San Francisco blueprint of keeping the investment under Center at a minimum and capitalizing on the cap savings by outbidding for premium talent across the board everywhere else.

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It is the SF blueprint, not sure they have the talent in other areas, ie defense, to make this work for them like SF has.

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Agreed, but I would say better WR corps.

True based on Jefferson alone imo.
Yet, does SF have more talent across the board at the skill positions on offense?

I would say with the acquisition of Aaron Jones it’s still favorable to the 49ers, but not as steep a talent deficit as before, TE is a push imo. Overall, I think it’s a pretty good equivalent at the skill positions.

Addison showing out last year despite the carousel at QB, probably provided a deep plus factor towards moving in this direction in conjunction with Jefferson and Hockenson.

I think this strategy only really works with a Kyle Shanahan or Andy Reid type of coach. You’ve got to have a really top-tier offensive mind that can mold the offense around the few strengths and many weaknesses that a bottom-third starter brings to the table.

Done right, it’s a huge value advantage to take a guy who is mediocre-at-best elsewhere and turn him into a viable starter.

It still takes quite a bit of luck to work, though, even more than a more traditional strategy. Look no further than the two coaches mentioned above, Shanny and the Walrus, for proof that even coaches who can work with a middling QB would rather get a talented one. Both made big moves in the draft to go after guys they thought could be “the man”.

The “win with a JAG at QB” strategy seems to be a plan B, even for the few guys who can pull it off. I think Krazy K is a fool if he doesn’t have a better plan A.

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Didn’t we make Darnold look good in Fatty’s first game here? Or was that just a bad dream?

I think for a team that won 7 games and had a real shot to run the table and make the playoffs, they are in about as good of a spot as they could be in. Its not ideal by any stretch. But it could be alot worse. Going by Kwesi’s past comments, I believe he is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get “the guy” behind center.

Issue now is the Justin Jefferson situation.

They need the answer at QB, but giving up pretty much all their high draft capital as it’s risks if they try to move up, espically if the QB aint the guy.

As Holmes said, its easier to get worse at QB then better, and Kwesi is in a postion where he needs to hit a home run, or he loses his job (Yes, this decision could cost him his job if he ■■■■■ up, its that big)

Exactly what I was about to say.

I think they trade up for a qb.

Yup, they’ll either lose icees trading up or take Mcarthy or Nix.

One thing you can count on is the NFL is a copycat league. The 49ers have had success with Mr. Irrelevant at QB and went to the Super Bowl. As PT Barnum said, There’s a sucker born every minute ".

Just because a team is completely unqualified to try the 49ers approach doesn’t mean there won’t be those who try. Lest we forget, O’Connell and Shanahan were on the same staff under Kyle’s dad.

True, and lets not forget the SF trade to acquire T Lance, a big miss and a big hit. I would qualify that it’s a big hit as long as CM and DS are healthy as we saw last season.