Vikings since mid season

Minus Hock for most of 24
Minus Dalvin Cook
Minus Cam Akers Achilles Again
Minus Mattison
Minus Cousins
Minus Danielle Hunter most likely.

Plus Nick Mullens
Plus Texans pass rusher who popped off when Will Anderson drew doubles and chips all season

Plus whatever they get at 1.10?

the empire strikes back at at walker GIF by Star Wars

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Add a disgruntled Justin Jefferson to the list


Why is Justin Jefferson disgruntled? This allows him to get paid. And he said he loves Kirk but can roll with anyone.

Ask Drake London and Garrett Wilson


When he’s getting balls thrown in the dirt or sailing over his head while he’s running wide open he’s gonna get pissed. Bigger stats = Bigger $$$. Jefferson has more than just one more contract in his future.

They talked about it on McAfee

McAfee said that Justin said he loves Kirk and would love to play with him again… BUT he has had 1000 yard seasons with a lot of different guys.

That is close to word for word what was said.


Saying all the right things. I’m not saying he’s disgruntled now. But he’s gonna be.

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Kwesi entering year 3 with no QB and without the draft pick to necessarily get one. It’s either brave or stupid, and if I know Kwesi, it’s stupid.

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Oh and they lost Darrisaw too…

Its definitely “saying the right thing,” because it isn’t even true. He has never had a 1,000 yard season without Joe Burrow or Kirk Cousins.

Might be planning on drafting JJ. Jokes on them when he’s off the board already

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Two words… Tim Boyle :laughing:

The Vikings would be guaranteed the first pick in 2025 with 1 year of Tim Boyle. It’s so crazy it just might work.

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