Vikings visit the Bears this week

One of them will fall to 2-2 overall and 0-2 in the division.

Who ya got?

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Who is the Vikings backup QB?

Vikings. Hate the Bears. I’ve never met a terrible Vikings fan. If I take emotion out of it I would have to say Bears. That D is game changing. I can see Cousins making more costly mistakes than Biscuit just because I think the Vikings will try to open it up more than the Bears on O. It’ll be like a game of chicken where each team just waits for the other QB to do something stupid to swing the game and the Vikes will blink first.


I think the Vikings will win. Dalvin Cook is likely to come back to earth, but they have enough receiving options to win.

Vikings D should overwhelm Bears O.

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Did you watch MNF?

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You mean the Bears against a lackluster Redskins team that made a bunch of errors and turnovers?