*****Vikings vs Lions Official Game day thread*****

Here’s what Tim T. Had to say about the match-up.

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I ended up going to the game and there’s not many fans here today.

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That article shows us with little experience at LB today …

first and only win today, boyos

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No Kendricks is a big deal

Commencing epic winning streak in 200 minutes

The most anticipated game of the year!!

Deferring the kick. That’s good coaching

Sweet, I made it just in time for the dumpster fire shitshow!

Those uniforms would look good when cleaning out the garage…

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Does Fox usually kick off or have I just noticed?

Great play by Jacob’s

The stadium is half empty.


Lol, I actually like the all gray

Halfway to where it should be then

You’re going to have to be twice as loud

Each to his own. I’m old-school. I like the 70s look

Fans sending a message loud and clear. Or, they could be in indy still cheering for michigan. What an electric atmosphere