Vikings want JJ?

The Vikings will be sending QB coaches Josh McCown and Grant Udinski to the Wolverines pro day on Friday and then GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and head coach Kevin O’Connell will go to Ann Arbor for a private workout with McCarthy next Tuesday.

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They’ve been the betting favorite for a month now, once it became clear Cousins might not be back.

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Is NE gonna trade down with them? Is Zona? Is NYG?

Wouldn’t it be bitter sweet to watch Jimmy Harbaugh trade down to Minny so they can come up at 5 and get him

Also, for the record…last year Minny was the favorite to get Hooker. Same odds as now for JJ

This is what I believe. I think it’s still gonna be Caleb, Williams and Maye in some order for the top 3 (no matter what all the smoke now is saying), I think MH3 will go 4th, then I think LAC will be open for business.

The problem for them is the other teams who might trade up from the same area as Minnesota - Denver and Vegas - are in the same division. Intra-division trades aren’t as rare as they used to be, but there still hasn’t been one for a QB. Which to me puts Minny in the driver’s seat.

Agree with all that, but just feel like NE is gonna take Joe Alt or MH jr and ■■■■ the whole thing up

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I personally would take MH3 if I was them, but IMO even if they do, Arizona would just take Nabers and we’d be in the same spot.

Now Minny, Denver or Vegas could trade up with NE, but if Arizona goes MH3 that would still leave the #5 spot available for trade down.

i think with Brisset

They get QB at 3, sit him behind Jacoby Brisett for a year, and then have him be the starter next year when the team is built a bit more.

JJ at 3 like Tom
U of M dynasty

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The Vikings would be a good fit for him. The Vikings would be a good fit for all the top QB’s.


He, JJ, is a good fit for their offense.

I hope they grab JJ

Because I Just Dont See It with that guy. Never have.

Solid backup.


I think he’s difficult to grade because their running game was so good. He’s also just 21 so you have to believe there’s some ceiling there even if you have concerns about where he is currently.

That said, who do people on this board comp him to now coming out, and who his realistic ceiling is?

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Usually when a team trades for an extra first before the draft, intention is to package them.

They do have weapons.

Jefferson, Addison, Hock and Aaron Jones is actually up there compared to a lot of other teams skill guys.

As a Lions fan, I want JJ in this devision. How people have talked themselves into making that kid a first round pick is beyond me.


I’m a huge Michigan guy, and I will love JJ for the rest of my life because of what he did here.

That being said, I think he is going to be a mediocre NFL QB.

My comp is Daniel Jones

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I would feel for the fans of a team that used the 3rd pick on JJ. Unless it’s the Bears of Vikes. Then F em.

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I mean, I think they would be foolish to NOT check him out. As well as any other reasonable QB candidate… they can’t feel great rolling into the season with Darnold…

I think there’s just trying to be realistic given that, absent a trade up, the supposed “top 3” of Williams, Maye, and Daniels will all be gone by the time they would pick.