Visit With Josh Allen

A good sign! Hope they draft him. He is one of my favorite players in this year’s draft. Could really help our edge rush that is already looking up. Versatile. But the only thing not going for us here is there is not a very good chance of him falling, even though some mock sites have him falling.

Only a dream at this point but he’s exactly what this defense needs to compliment the rest of the front 7.

Smoke screen. Quin doesn’t bring in the players he plans to draft…at least he hasn’t in the past.

That’s exactly what he’d like other teams to think…

Why not? Who knows what kind of draft day issues might come up (a la Laremy Tunsil) that causes a guy to fall.

It is weird that they never bring in the guy that they draft.

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Someone who’s skilled in photoshop should alter a photo of josh Allen in a darth Vader bong mask and start circulating it on draft day.

Ahhh, double reverse psychology…slyyyyy like a fox he is

LOL. Double Reverse Psychology! Haven’t seen that since Coach Marty “took the wind”

Playing 4D chess while other teams are playin’ checkers. :chess_pawn: