Warming up to DT Devonte Watt

Man looks like a wrecking ball on the field that can move around the defense, All-American Honors , can work real good side to side, said to be a second-round guy with high-effort , we could do worse.


I want a big time DT.

My preference is Jordan Davis, but based on what I’m reading I feel he will go around 15-20

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Isn’t he pretty OLD for a rookie?

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IIRC… his age 30 year would be his 7th season, so he would be a guy that a team might want to extend after 3 years if possible… or re-sign with a deal that doesn’t have any guarantees after that year. It isn’t a deal breaker… just another consideration to keep in mind.

Some DTs can play fairly well into their 30s.

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24 , born in 1998.

Wolf!!! Post of the week right there!

Hope you catch some tasty waves brother whether in the ocean or even the hot tub.

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After taking a pair of DT’s on the 2nd day in 2021 I don’t think we will take a DT unless it is 1) Jordan Davis or 2) someone that really drops.

I would expect at least one of those DT’s to make a major step up their 2nd year.


@wolfcub36 - I do not know this Devonte Watt guy. Where did he play?

Me too. I think Devonte Wyatt is a perfect fit for what we need.

I’m not concerned about his age at all and I’m hoping that other teams are and that helps him to fall to 32OA.


To go with our theme of names on our defense


6’6 318 lbs I like what I seen with him could be a fun day 3 prospect

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The Lions only have 5 DT on the roster…. including Penisini and Cornell… who have to establish themselves as NFL caliber players.

Brockers is likely gone after 2022.

The Rams and the Saints have consistently invested in having a deep rotation at DT.

I would be extremely surprised if the Lions don’t draft a DT at #32, 34, or 66.


I would as well. Holmes has stated multiple times that this is a deep interior DT class. I think he has a target area and some targeted guys where he wants to draft one. I’d be shocked if we do not take one by the end of round 3.


This guy will be a 3rd RD pic by draft time. Might be a good inside rusher for us he had 9 sacks last year I believe.

Georgia. 6’3 307. 2nd-round guy…

I’m full in on needing to take a DT again in this draft
Somewhere, preferably in first two days

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Wyatt’s on my short list for 32/34. He’s about it though. Not big on Hall’s value there though I know that many that disagree. At 66 there are quite a few options that I’d be fine with.


Detroit native as well as fitting our Nigerian ancestry defensive theme.

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Wyatt is a viable 1st round talent that would likely be an upgrade over the 623 defensive snaps Nick Williams received in 2021.

There are other guys and I am not gonna freak out if Holmes decides to wait until rd. 3 for a DT BUT I am really liking Wyatt and DE/DR Logan Hall right now.


First one day, for me. :wink:

Select Willis, then do whatever it takes to get Jordan Davis

I was busting your chops because you miss-spelled his name.

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