**Warning** This story MIGHT make you Throw Up in your mouth

You were warned…

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I’m over the age of 12, so I think my vomit will stay in my stomach.

Good for them, seems like they actually enjoy each other.


…but none of it explains the photos of her in a Michigan jacket. :wink:


24 seconds, that’s the average amount of screen time she had averaged earlier in the playoffs. 24 seconds. 24 seconds. Say it again, 24 seconds. If this enrages you then you’re either emotionally unstable or, obviously, there’s something else driving it and we know what that something else is. To that I say HELLLLL YESSSS. ANY POSSIBLE WAY IN HELL I CAN inflame them then I’m on board. Show her for 24 minutes every game, hell, have her permanently shown in PIP while singing one of her songs. Hellz yeah.


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Was everyone around here this pissed off when Justin Verlander was courting Kate Upton? I don’t understand the outrage.


Goodness gracious, it was supposed to be funny. I swear that most people today have had an egg beater taken to the part of their brain where humor used to reside. I would get it if most people on here were from Ohio, but seriously, lighten up folks.

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I know you were joking @TCLion

Any chance to use my gifs I will take…

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I let her use it when she spent the night last week.

Just don’t tell Travis.

For real. It’s odd to me how much energy people put into disliking a celebrity who gets maybe 1 minute total airtime during the games she attends.


She’s worth a billion dollars. I’d sing whatever she wanted me to sing to her because she’s worth a billion dollars and still very easy on the eyes.

I mean pop culture in general makes me puke.

Not their romance.
Even though it seems artificial

I remember when celebrities actually used to be cool.

And no that’s doesn’t mean I’m getting old it just means they are getting whack :sunglasses:

It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!

Wasn’t there a prop bet that Kelse would drop to a knee and propose?

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I bet @SameAsItEverWas is a big Bachelor/Bachelorette fan!!

Definitely loved this Tell a vision programming

Lol you must be a love expert, you get all that from seeing them at football games.

Yeah I’ll bet she pretty easy on a few other spots of the body too.
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I really don’t understand the mentality of being upset about a superstar dating an athlete.

I mean it’s not like she kneeled or anything. at least not in public

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I think it’s more the coverage of it, than the reality of it. She’s dating Kelce, that’s great, don’t care. A much bigger of example of that is he’s kneeling in protest, that’s nice, don’t care. NFL likes to shove these things down your throat. But it must be good for ratings and adds to their woke credibility. But I still don’t care and, in the case of the kneeling, found it mildly annoying. Swift has never bothered me, she’s at least kind of cute.