Was wondering if the Lions could poach a QB from another team's P.S.? Apparently, not that simple

It appears that they would have to sign such a player to the active roster first. Thus, we can probably rule out most of the QBs presently on practice squads and figure whoever they sign is likely to be a street free agent.

Unless they are hands down better than Sudfeld.

After week 1 a new group of backup options become more palatable as you can take fliers on veterans without guaranteeing salaries for the year. Not like there’s tons of talent available but there probably are some guys for which the calculus changes once the commitment does as well.

I think we’re likely sitting pat regardless though.

We had second waiver dibs on any qb that was waiver available and picked up none of
Them so why would we now want to poach one from
The practice squad?

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Because they thought Blough would sign with our practice squad.

Theres got to be some qbs on a coach out there… heck boyle should be available off his coach if goff goes down and they need a bench warmer. Or just sign blough from the vikings practice squad.

Yeah. Either option Will easily work itself out. The only way that Blough is not available is if the Vikings lose a qb and he’s on the active roster.

I think Boyle will be available all season. He’s only a phone call away. That’s not a good thing. But with the way Campbell sounded, I highly doubt we’ll ever see him in a Lions uniform again.

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It depends on how you define “available.” Did he really choose the Vikings practice squad over the Lions?

Just so that everybody is on the same page, putting in the paperwork for a practice squad player is not automatic like the waiver wire. Players have final say in whether they leave or not. Most leave, but understand the players on a practice squad have a voice in the matter.

True they do. But I’m pretty sure nearly every player on a practice squad right now rather be on the active roster because it means a shit ton more money.

Its only for 3 games. Normally I would agree, but due to the weird circumstances of Blough choosing to leave to the Vikings practice squad I would put this one into a special category.

see had boyle thrown that pick the way he normally throws, it would’ve sailed over the head of the db and right into amon-ras hands who was wide open behind him :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s all that strange that blough left. He’s been here for a couple years now and he’s had plenty of chances to prove himself to this coaching staff. I wouldn’t rule out that he wanted a fresh start with a new staff. Or maybe the lions didn’t offer him a spot.

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Of if he’d developed into a serviceable quarterback he would have looked st browns way and then gone back to the opposite side and hit chark for a touchdown. Chark had gotten a couple steps on his corner. There’s no way the safety could have made it across.

Probably wanted to go to a place with nicer weather… lol

I’m sure his Colombian wife will love it up there this winter. Lol

She wont be able to use oak parks track anymore.

That’s ok. She’ll be much to busy learning how to run in 4 feet of snow. Lol

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how would we pay a new QB ?

Probably with a check.

In pizzas! LC is the NFL pizza sponsor now.