Washington getting a taste

of the home-cooking in Green Bay.

First, the refs find a way to disallow the TD where Heineke could have walked in, but slid at the 1 foot line.

Next, they didn’t acknowledge him extending the football over the line on the QB keeper on the 4th down.

Welcome to our world WFT. Welcome to our world.

WFT against everybody.


I’m not going to say I have sympathy for them. They have 10,000 accusations against them that led to a major shakeup and investigation…but the only person found to have done anything wrong was an ESPN analyst.

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And peeps don’t think money rules all and things are fair.

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My buddy is a big WFT fan, was watching the game with him and hoped for a different outcome, but both calls were correct.

If you give yourself up as a QB, when your knee is down you’re down and the football was unfortunately not in the end zone.

Then, he fumbled, picked up the ball, and then extended it. But he was already down, forward progress stopped, can’t just be down and extend the ball and be like, look, it crossed the goal line.

I was rooting for WFT, but both the plays you mentioned were correctly called, no need to blame the officiating.