Washington hires Kliff Kingsbury

Developed #1 overall pick Kyler Murray

Caleb Williams to Washington?

Either would take trade up 1 spot with Bears
Or Bears take Marivin Harrison Jr or Joe Alt

Are there any angry toddlers available?

I would seriously forget the idea of taking QB and move forward developing Sam Howell. Sam is a rich man’s Baker Mayfield. They have bigger fish to fry than the QB position. And putting Marvin Harrison Jr opposite of Scary Terry would be epic.

I personally think Bears should put Marvin next to DJ Moore

New ownership for Commies…I feel like they gotta go QB


He actually worked with Caleb at USC this past season…

And apparently Caleb wasn’t his biggest fan.

Really didn’t know that. I knew the USC connection

Who does Caleb like what does he want?

I just hear a lot of no supposedly from
Him and his camp

Kliff is friends with McVay and wears similarly tight pants so he’s got this.

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He wants to go 1st. I think if Washington was 1st he’d be fine with that (it’s his hometown after all), but a guy I work with is a Commies fan and he says word is he doesn’t want to work with Kliff again if he can avoid it.

But as I understand it he is no longer anti-Chicago


NVP is Nickelodeon Valuable Player I guess

Damn I was hoping there was a Not Valuable Player award. Would be a fun presentation show.

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The Commies have a better NFL QB than the Bears, IMO. So we are looking at the two situations in reverse.

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Literally thought same thing so I googled it lol

First time all season it seems!