Washington hiring Jedd Fisch from Arizona

Good response to losing DeBoer. Now we have to wonder if Fifta goes with him to Washington.


only because they know ben wants to stay in Motown!

“Weeeeell doggy.”

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Zona should snag Grubb

Well, two guys I thought would have interest from UM, yes Moore was the favorite, are now gone.

Michigan will name Moore the HC the same day that Harbaugh leaves.

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Grubb is apparently coming to Bama with DeBoer, but Arizona is going to have a serious issue hiring a new coach with all the money they magically lost.

Sure, but he would have to replace key members of the staff that would leave with Harbaugh. There is a massive difference between filling in for a coach, and having to build your own program.

Don’t get me wrong I’m a Sherrone Moore fan. He relates well to players and he’s a great recruiter. He has also shown that big games are not too big for him. There would be a lot of unknowns with him though. So some of these other names would have been enticing because they have a record to look at.

Well put. I’m not saying Moore can’t or won’t have success if named HC, but I have to imagine these two just hired were definitely on UM’s radar.

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Reading the headline, thought it was about the Commanders.

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Not happy about this. I’m an Arizona Wildcats fan and all the good players will transfer and the team will become a doormat again. They’re the SOL of the NCAA.