Washington names their starting QB - Haskins


Whay do ya think?! play Philly opening day

I think they have no choice, sounds like Alex Smith was still banged up. They just need to go all in with Haskins and see if he was worth a first round pick last year.

Meanwhile CHI isn’t sure.

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I really wanted to like Haskins coming out, but as another poster pointed out there really isn’t a comp for a successful QB in the NFL that’s like him. He’s in the Byron Leftwich, Jameis Winston, Cardele Jones, Jacoby Brisette, Geno Smith and Jamarcus Russell mold. There may be a few others I’m forgetting. Either way, he’d be the first in that mold to break out and be successful. Jameis is on the verge if he could clean up his game.

And going back to the “I really wanted to like him” statement, I really thought he was doomed when he did his interview after being chosen by the Redskins (and passed up by the Giants). Rather than be happy to be a Redskin and looking forward to helping a team, he was focused on the Giants and other teams and “revenge.” I’ve only heard a few QBs do that and none of them were successful in the league. It kind of shows where their mindset is. The last QB I remember with a similar interview after being chosen was Josh Rosen.

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I didn’t like Haskins coming out. The dude was deadly accurate in college but seemed like a product of the system he was in. He was one of the best we’ve seen run that system though…but Urban Meyer QB’s aren’t typically successful in the NFL…I was told I was wrong, maybe I will be.

We heard of Haskins struggles last year, I think it was with understanding the playbook if I remember correctly. Oh well, we’ll see what he can do this year. I wish him well.

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I wasn’t a fan either. I do like Justin Fields though

If he turned out to be Jameis Winston esque the Redskins would be jumping for joy.

Until The owner Snyder is forced to sell the team because he’s found guilty of being a douchebag.

Now that Washington and Chicago have names their starting QB … I had heard that MP said the Lions have decided that Stafford will be their starting QB for Sunday.

Whew… I was worried … lol

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Wait a minute!!! STAFFORD is starting tommorow!!! This is great news!!!