Washington to waive CB Danny Johnson


We’re fine. Trust the process.

Can he play?

Judging by his snap counts he’s been a backup a part time player in his 6 years in the nfl. The most snaps he’s ever played in a season was 300.

1 int in 6 seasons.

With all that said…he’s probably better than Jacobs

Sarcastic Bill Burr GIF by Desus & Mero

You don’t know an again hate a player . He is like 5’9" but you knew that right.

Dude I’m joking around. Stop taking things so seriously

Don’t be so serious.

Speaking of midget corners, did you notice how short Dorsey is? Granted, he’s just a special-teamer, but still. They have Gilmore listed at 6’0, but I think he’s shorter.

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