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How does Cowherd keep his narratives straight?



Stafford should send a thank you note to Tarquiski Tartt


The trade worked for both teams. Rams got their Super Bowl and the Lions got ammo for a rebuild with a QB more than capable of taking the team into the post season.

Stafford will start to fade with age. It happens, but that doesn’t remove the Lombardi from the shelf. They were two teams that were in two entirely different places who both made the best move for their situations.


Goff + Gibby + JaMoss + LaPorta + Iffy

No QB in the NFL is worth that.
Lions won that trade by a landslide.

That said, stafford is awesome.
He is showing signs of playing behind a shit OL for over a decade
He was amazing in grit and leadership
Love the effort, body, & soul he gave this team.
Time catching up with my buddy, and the timing of this thing favors Detroit.

A lesser GM may have made it turn out better for the rams, but Holmes is amazing


I posted article on all Homes trade moves its good an simple to see LOL for bald people LOL

Even old people understand it LOL


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Celebrate Von Miller GIF by Texas A&M University


He helped build their SB team.

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A year ago…. Many in here were triggered by the mere mention of J Tart dripping that int…. The fact is that while Stafford made some amazing plays in 21’- he led the NFL in interceptions. He had 3straight games with a pick 6, and 4 in that year…

The Rams lived and died by the sword in a year that Donald, Kupp and Stafford all stayed incredibly healthy despite their usage.

  • The Bucs game saw Stafford get out to a massive lead on paper, and then his teammates trying to fumble always the second half- this doesn’t take into account the crazy penalties called against the Bucs in the first half to extend Rams drives and end Bucs drives- like the helmet to helmet hit where Miller bloodied TB12s face and Brady got called for a personal foul? Or the fluke play where Mike Evans gets a knockout targeting shot that would won the game as a PI, but after discussion they decided that since it was after the 4th down play it wasn’t an auto first down? The entire stadium and viewership expected a first down.

  • then there was the Tart dropped int- and this isn’t a “Rams receivers dropped east TDs too so it would have netted out….” The game was in Stafford hands and HE personally threw it right to a safety in a punt like manner…

  • then there was the ridiculous defensive stops the Rams got from Miller and Donald to stone the Bengals…. Stafford 2 terrible ints were negated by the Rams getting 7 sacks and 13 pressures in Burrow.

  • I’m not saying Stafford or the Rams didn’t deserve the ring, they did…. But it wasn’t a perfect year, nor a perfect playoff run by Matt that made the difference. He had great and AWFUL games throughout the year.

Kupp had a historic year
Stafford had a really good year
Donald had DPOY type year

  • if a terrible PI call against Bradberry doesn’t get called, then Hurts and Mahomes have the same number of Rings. Instead we see Hurts “not win the big game,” and Mahomes is one ring away from rare air!

I’ve quoted this one particular stats many times in here…

2022 alone- Pat Mahomes and Chiefs were 5-1 when facing 27 or more points.

2021 Rams with Stafford were 1-5 when the opponent scored 27 plus points…. ONE WIN- FIVE LOSSES!

—— Goff with the 2018 Rams was 6-1 when facing 27 points. The 2022 Goff and Lions were 2-6 but that is skewed a bit since 3 of those 8 games of 27 plus were actually 37 plus points allowed!

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I’ve been saying that.
They won the Super Bowl. We won the trade, and it’s not even close we you look at the compensation besides just Goff and Stafford head to head.



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This question is a To Be Continued cliffhanger.

There is no other way to look at it, so pay attention. :sweat_smile:

The Rams are far away in the lead in this race, because they immediately achieved their prime objective: get a QB that will put them over the top in the quest for a SB title.

The Lions are not even close to achieving something on that scale. Their primary objective is the same: to win a SB title (though on a longer time scale). So far, they have not made the playoffs in the two years since the trade.

But, I will say this. IF the Lions do win a SB, they win the trade. Hands down. And that’s because the Lions have never won while that Rams have twice (including the one with Stafford). And one could go on for hours about the historic ineptitude of the franchise. So any SB win for the Lions blows away anything accomplished by the Rams, and I would even include anything more accomplished by the team with Stafford at the helm.

So it’s really easy to keep score here: the Rams are ahead in the count right now. But if the Lions win a title, they win the trade. And so long as it’s clearly tied to this particular rebuild under Holmes, I wouldn’t even claim it would have to be led by Goff. If Hooker wins one with players brought on board from the Stafford trade, that counts too. So there I go muddying what I claimed was clear, but I think that’s a fair evaluation. The Stafford trade has energized this franchise and now we are just starting to see the return.


& he’s doing it again! Love it!!!


disagree :wink:

…prennial contender in the process. We will appear in multiple super bowls

I get the argument, for sure…

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I am for sure a Stafford supporter hope Matt can climb back in the ring again , for one of the better QB’s in The NFL . Matt has to still prove himself again , Jared is ready to take on The World in 2023. I’d say we won that match.

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The Rams won the trade.

Unless the ultimate goal for your team is getting a lot of draft picks.


setting up a squad that can compete for the next decade plus…

…Holmes checked that box, and he’s just getting started!


Looking good.

Real good.

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