Watch your Iffy highlight right here

He trolls SKOL HHAAAAAAAARD at the end …


Damn, didn’t realize two things …

  1. How close Iffy was to DROPPING that …
  2. Even if that ball doesn’t flutter, Mullens threw it well behind Jefferson and it may have been picked anyway.

6’3" tall. It’s hard for a QB to throw over him.

Still only 24 years old. Looks like a keeper.


Funny that none of us would have cared if he’d been cut at the beginning of the year


Jason, that’s pretty much true. Find someone who didn’t think he was a 3d Rd bust and you will find

Nose Lying GIF by GEICO


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Just goes to show how full of shit most of us are.

Myself included.

will ferrell anchorman GIF


Guess we all need to learn the virtue of patience.

I’m guilty for sure

Sooo glad to be wrong

Iffy is the man

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To me both Iffy and Levi were wild cards this year. Whatever we got from either was a bonus after their first two years. I had a little more hope for Iffy as he has had solid moments over his first two years but always dealt with nagging injuries.


False. I really liked his chops from rookie year. He stuck to davante Adam’s really well his rookie year. I always thought that if safety didn’t work out they’d try him back at corner.

I really had high hopes for him.

Levi idk about. I honestly never saw the flashes thst people did his rookie year. I hope im wrong about him but he’s def a guy I wouldn’t have minded cutting

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