Watching Lions games from outside of Detroit

Hey guys, I know this subject has been gone over before, but I wanted to ask again. I just received a notice that Slingbox is shutting down their servers effective November 9th. This has been how I’ve watched Lions games since moving to KC, streaming from my Dad’s cable box in Livonia.

I know there are some streaming services you can use, but all seem to only include your local tv network. Is there a way to watch local tv for areas that are out of the local market?

I currently use NFL Sunday Ticket (student pricing), but for any blacked out games I use a not so conventional website to watch any other games. Works pretty well overall.

Get a fire stick and watch YouTube on how to crack it. I hope that info is OK to post here.

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If you use a streaming service just set it up at your dad’s place and use his location for the setup. You should then be able to log in from KC and watch as if you are local to Michigan.

Don’t waste your money on NFL+ and a VPN. Didn’t work out for me.

I just go to nflbite and navigate the annoying popups until I get a stable feed


I don’t think he has to use a VPN because his dad lives in Michigan. I swear he needs to try the NFL+ option and set it up in Michigan as a case study for the rest of us. To be able to watch the Lions for $10/month by piggybacking off of a Michigan family member would be a game changer for some people here.

No doubt. I signed up through a VPN that routed through Detroit but the app registered it as an international account. Long story short, I got screwed week 1 but my friend bailed me out with his Sunday ticket login.

I do wonder if my brother in laws Comcast login from Detroit would give me the lions game in Portland.

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I live thought this site vacuously on game day …. :crazy_face:

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@bryanlesah what is the student discount? I have a daughter that just started at college. It’s time for her to carry her weight.


Don’t remember the exact price, but signing up with Sunday Ticket U and using a coupon code it was just over $100

She is your meal ticket to football. The “student discount” functions as more than a discount. For years it has been a path to stream Sunday Ticket in locations where they normally force you to have DirecTV to buy Sunday Ticket.

I faithfully had DirecTV and subscribed to Sunday Ticket for a decade at an average of $300 per year for the Ticket package. In the last few years I moved to an odd situation where DirecTV’s system says I can get DTV at my residence but I actually can not. The one cable company I can subscribe to has a monopoly over the area and it costs over $200/month for service because they know they are the only player available. If I simply punch in my details to DirecTV they won’t let me buy Sunday Ticket without having the DirecTV service, which literally is not an option for me. So I was able to use the student option. Not only did it reduce my typical Sunday Ticket bill from $300 to $99, it allowed me to stream it without having DTV service.

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I broke down and bought the commercial version of NFL. $5

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Damn - i don’t want to spend $300 a year for a NFL package, but I go to a local bar, I’m out $20 for breakfaast, Then another $30 for two cocktails and a draft i’m out $50 like that!

I think the expensive package might be worth it.

I use the ‘Brave’ internet browser with adblock plus extension and I don’t get the pop ups on nflbite. It’s a browser I would recommend if your looking for a change.


@bryanlesah and @Mr.Peabody I will be trying to set that up today if I can. Thanks.

@LineBusy how does that tablo work? Just an app you airplay? What if your home location is in the blackout one?

Lions games are so frustrating normally since we are only 2 hours away yet somehow I end up getting regional coverage for rest of the NFC N. Thank you all truly.

Become a bartender in a sports bar.

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Go fishing and visualize a Lions victory. When you get home, cook your fish dinner and go to bed immediately. Don’t turn on the TV, especially the sports networks and you’ll feel good! Repeat every Sunday!

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Nate, please deputize me for a short period, so I can ban StephenBoyd from the Den for seven days. This will be his atonement for talking about going fishing during game time.

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