Watching today’s game when it’s not broadcast locally

I’m with my son and Dad in the U.P. where locally they will be broadcasting the Packers game on Fox instead of the Lions. I won’t get into the details, but this will most likely be the last Lions game that we will get to watch with my Dad. Any suggestions on how to get to see this game when it’s not on local Fox? My Dad isn’t well enough to go to a bar or restaurant to see it.

My nephew turned me on to this.

Sorry to hear about your dad. Lost mine in '02. :cry:

Oh, and welcome.

Thank you Syd. I’ll check it out!

another way is if you have a friend fairly close by that can watch it live, you can call and ask one of them to record the game and you can see it as soon as you visit them.

Sry about what appears to be a short time left with your parent. I was there when my mom drew her last breath holding her hand. God put me there to see her on her way and I’ll always remember that.

This is why I say I love you all the time!!

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Thanks all. I think I found a way to pull this off. Appreciate all your support. Go Lions!

Sorry to hear about your dad Zeeze. Hope the Lions pull out a W for you and your fam to enjoy.

For those still looking for a good stream, just google NFL Reddit streams and you’ll find a good amount of links to choose from. I cancelled my Sunday ticket this year and have been very happy with the streams that have been available. If you find a choppy stream just choose a different one until you find a solid HD stream.

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