Way-Too-Early Take: Free agency a bust for Holmes, Lions

Birkett suggested today that the “heavy lifting” is done now by the Lions in light of some of their re-signings, and picking up Chark.

Now, if Birkett is right, and I told you our 3-win team would leave this FA period by picking up a No. 2 receiver on a one-year deal, would you really, seriously consider this a successful free agency period by Detroit?

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Free agency hasn’t even officially opened. We have retained our own free agents that most of us here agreed, should be retained at the right cost. All of the contracts we have signed were reasonable deals and not overpays.


I wasn’t overly optimistic with this regime to begin with. But I’m resolved to the wait and see approach and hoping that I’m proven wrong. Last year didn’t really help that, but I’m still hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

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Well it’s because all of the players on the roster are “guys that we love” and “guys that we’re excited about” so drink kool-aid from a fire hose and think that we’re going to turn the 3 win roster into a 10 win roster with a new OC (who came from in house) and a new flashy number 2 receiver.

You know why?

Because we have a surplus on magic beans!!


One thing the Chark signing tells me, is that they understand their mistake last year. Also, Chark wasn’t option A or even B (at least I don’t think so). The market was just too high so they couldn’t afford to get their top targets. This tells me they know they still need help at WR. I have complete confidence they draft one early. So Chark and a really talented WR at 32/34 is a big upgrade at the biggest position of need for this team. Which is a big upgrade to the offense and team.

The signing itself isn’t what has me satisfied, it’s what it means (as I interpret it) for the draft.

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Holmes has done exactly what he NEEDED to do. He filled in the Roster without backing the team into a corner with crazy deals. In the draft he will get the players he WANTS. These guys he is signing should be adding depth, which they all are.

I didn’t expect to go from 3.5 wins to a Super Bowl. Making the playoffs was going to be a STRETCH. 7-8 wins would be a big jump. 2023 should be playoffs. You build a team over time.


I would not.

I am torn between financially responsible and wanting to win now.

I feel like a teenager who was given a Credit Card for emergencies and

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Yes because I view this, and always have, as a multi-year build. Stay the course. Add short-term pieces as you shore up the talent via the draft. Add longer term pieces at value. Don’t handicap yourself with rich contracts. This is exactly how a rebuild is supposed to go. Once we’ve gotten to a point where we’re ready to win now (and win a Super Bowl, not just a playoff game), that’s when you go for it. So I’m quite happy with what we’ve done.

Stay the course.


I think Chark was option B all along. I think people here underestimate him and his value to our team. I think we were looking for a player like him either in the draft or FA for how he opens up the offense.

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They seem reluctant to spend.

Not just “spend wisely.”

Just spend.

Maybe that’s why Quinn had that stupid bat. He was trying to warn us that we’re the Oakland Athletics of the NFL.

Strictly in terms of spending then. Because the athletics are contenders at least half the time.

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Yeah, thought about adding that.

We’re a non-successful version of the Oakland Athletics.

Dwell on that for a minute.

Sheila is basically Rachel Phelps, only without the willingness to sell the team (that we know of).

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Quinn did the opposite (Flowers, Vaitai, Lang, Coleman). He had the stupid bat because he was stupid enough to think it was cool.


Did we actually think that if we spent the wad on a couple high end targets (Robinson, Kirk, etc.) that it would turn around our win/loss record that quickly? Seriously, it’s making good affordable signings and NOT doing stupid shit like Quinn did over the years. Charles Harris is on a 2 year deal, not 5. We need to upgrade a lot of positions, and doing it in a cost friendly manor is a failure? LOL…

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There’s other needs besides receiver.

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The forum today after signing Chark to complete our free-agency period.

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Quinn failed because he couldn’t draft good and his free agents didn’t play good, not because he didn’t use positional value or spent money.

Again, he wasn’t stupid for spending money, he was stupid for who he spent the money on.

Dude people want one, just one big impact signing. Marcus Williams has been on the boards radar for a year now. Can you let them hope and/or be disappointed if we don’t get him?

Everyone being critical of those who want a really good young player need to chill out. Thinking you know better because you are on board with the not spending doesnt make you more knowledgeable. FA period hasn’t even technically started. For all we know Detroit wants to spend on a big FA, just can’t get one to come here. Or maybe they are just being outbid. You have no idea that the lions are unwilling to spend and that this is their strategy.

It’s perfectly reasonable they are just striking out.

Of course there are, but if we signed the big ticket guys, there is less available to sign others (zero sum game).

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and stupid for not seeing he overpaid for average talent…in order to get people to play for Patrocious.

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