We are Chiefs fans tonight

I feel bad that I’ll have to actively root against the Eagles in front of my kid, but football over family.


Valuable life lesson is part of a father’s duty.


I love Slay and Swift, but I hate the Eagles.

The sucky thing is even if they lose they are still technically in first place. But a loss definitely helps! HOW BOUT THEM CHIEEEEEEEEEEEFS!?

Oh yes for sure. Taylor Swift and both sets of parents are supposed to be there. Kelce might score a couple of TDs during the game and one or two after the game, depending on fatigue.

Soooooooo glad it’s not a Chris Collinsworth / Mahomes game tonight. Chris’s teenage-girl gushing over Mahomes all game makes the games unwatchable.

If Aikman and Buck put on their best Collinsworth impression, I’m rooting for the Eagles and maybe even a Mahomes injury. Mild, but enough to shut them up if they won’t regulate their Mahomes fluffing.

Chiefs to the Eagles

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Collinsworth: “Did someone say Mahomes?”


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Manningcast. Good news. I’m not even that big of a fan but still better than Aikman and Buck.

Should be a great game. Mahomes will torch Eagles putrid secondary.

Hope ur right. Although the KC passing game hasn’t been all that special this year.

Kelce is obviously really good. The WR group though is pretty average

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Bet him $5 on the game.

Take the money if you win.

Pay him if you lose, but as he walks away, mug him and take it back. Full Philly Experience.

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