So early in the year, but I’m checking out. I didn’t believe in curses, but this team has made me believe in them now. It’s like year after year what can go wrong, goes wrong. Time after time. Decades of this.

The injuries, fumbles, missed kicks, bad penalties, bogus penalties, and kickers missing extra points. I’m exhausted. I just need to vent. This team is mental torture. My only hope is that after the bye week we get our offensive players back. It’s the only chance we got this year.


The wheels on the bus go off and off, off and off, off and off


We’re not cursed. We’re just bad, we were always bad but people just didn’t want to see/believe it. Just come to expect it and the days will get easier. You can still love them while expecting them to be garbage.


I know they are bad and have been bad. But the ways we lose defy logic. That’s the difference LOL.

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Definitely can’t say we’re not creative.


Thankfully, America only has to endure us one more time. Thanksgiving against Buffalo.

Oh dear god…


Imagine what Josh Allen and those weapons can do if Geno Smith dropped almost 50 on us LMAO.

See you next week.

Anyway, this isn’t a “curse” loss. This is a loss because our defense is putrid.

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I’m ashamed that I fully bought into the “Hard Knocks” hype. Like I saw the kick to the 'nads coming, but did nothing to stop it.

I’ll never threaten to quit watching, as I’d be lying.

I do wonder what the fuck we as fans did to constantly deserve this shit.

Only the Lions can have the leagues best offense to go with the leagues worst defense.



Most in Points For and most in Points Against for a net of -1.
And they’re 1-3.

So weird.


I think I’m going to just change the channel when the D comes on the field. The offense is exciting to watch

I thought about this. I know they have to wait until all the games are over, but something tells me that come Tuesday, Lions will be the first team in history with the #1 offense and #32 defense.


Wouldn’t be the Lions if we aren’t on the wrong side of history. Last year we were the first team in history to lose 2 games on last second 50+ yard field goals. That’s why I think we are cursed. #1 offense yay, but we get one of the worst defenses in History.

you cannot be cursed and have the offensive strength that we do…and it will only get better when certain players come off of injury, Goff will have even more places to get the ball to --especially St Brown. Defense , yeah that’s cursed.

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