We are going to beat the **** out of the Falcons next week

Don’t think so. They don’t pass it well enough to be favorites. Our run defense has held up through two games. The pass defense remains scary.

I think screen passes and checkdowns will replace our running game. It will be almost like having Stafford back if we put Goff in the shotgun.

I’ll take a win—not expecting one tho.

I have an excellent answer: those teams have all either won a super bowl, been to a super bowl, and/or made deep playoff runs the last few years. The Lions have just made deep runs…in their pants

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I’m not too sure about that…

but at least Geno will be 47yo at that time….
so you’re telling me there’s a chance!!!

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Well recent team history vs Lion’s recent team history is reason one.
Lions DC is not instilling confidence
Injuries to DM and Big V

After watching the team play the exact same way as last year with all new pieces I don’t really have high hopes against atlanta.

You weren’t paying attention the last two years, then.
It’s not a one off.


Hope so!

I’m eagerly awaiting injury designations later this week for the Lions before I place my bets. Atlanta has a lot of firepower and their defense looks like it has improved since last year as well.

Agree! This is a must win imo. The expectations were so high for the Ford Field opener and the team laid an egg. I’d be shocked if we lose to ATL.

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This is like Deja vu all over again, wasn’t a thread just like this created last week about Seattle?

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I think we win but I doubt we blow them out.

And when we win, which I think we will, we will be back on the train to the winning the Super Bowl. :roll_eyes:

Prozac for everyone!!