We cut all of our cable boxes and gave them back...streaming now

I cannot seem to be able to watch football games at all -now- last game, I tried HBO Max 2 , Hulu, Peacock , Amazon Prime, Youtube, everything I could think of…the preseason game was missed, Hard knocks -was missed, I have no idea what to do…

If you have an antenna and are local, you should have got the game on Lions TV network, if not . . .

Any platform that carries the NFL network, you could watch it on i.e. Youtube TV, Hulu (not the cheap one, but the one with live tv).

Amazon prime, peacock, probably not, don’t know, don’t have.

HBO Max, you should get hard knocks, but no NFL preseaon.

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If you’re local an antenna should still get you Fox and CBS

tried just watching /streaming -live TV–nothing. I got to see how much NFL Net costs… but I haven’t seen anything recent this season this far.

I think streaming depends on your location, so if you’re streaming in the local zone you get blacked out… but don’t quote me on that.

Edit: you can always find illegal streams online and not advocating for that and not wanting to break Den rules but… i did it a lot when I lived in Chicago and it worked out relatively well

There is no option to just subscribe to NFL Network that I’ve found. You have to do a service that includes it.

NFL missing the boat with this, put it as an add on to NFL+.

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Wasn’t there a thread a month or so ago about mobile NFL network . . . it didn’t interest me, so I didn’t look at it.

I go to the local gym that I pay 35.00 a month for….

  • good workout
  • free shower
  • free NFL football on thier TVs as well
  • free use of thier garbage container for trash (I haven’t had a trash bill in ten years)

I’m Blessed!

Stay in shape, while keeping my house trash free, watching NFL and then a cold shower afterwards… ahhhhhh

Yep! Blessed


My heartfelt apologies, but this came immediately to mind after reading this…


Love it!!

That’s what I thinking when I first got my membership!!

ITS PERFECT!!! :crazy_face:


Are you seriously telling us you take all your garbage to the gym with you!? lol

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Does Hulu live have the preseason games?

I’ll have to check again but I don’t think it includes NFL Network. At least not for the games they’ll do.

Years ago I did this at my apartment complex gym. The cable company said they needed 2 weeks to get to me so I would camp out in the gym to watch TV.

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There’s a streaming service I use when I’m out of the country that’s $30 a month. It’s really solid and has major market live TV and everything on demand. Every sports game for every sport. Only weird thing about the service is you have to manually renew each month.

I’ll look for the link if you want, for some reason it always takes me a little time to find :joy:


Youtube TV - add nfl redzone
Amazon - for tnf

Should cover all of it.

I feel like we are overclocked with

Amazon (part of Mah Sweeties Prime memebership, because shopping) essentially free

Peacock+ $10 (rotate w Hulu half the year so we catch Yellowstone, then Hulu stuff though I think we will just drop P+ after Yellowstone)

AMC+ $6. Walking Dead

HBO Max $8 Westworld and GoT prequel

Paramount $6 Star trek

Disney+ $9 Marvel, Star Wars, Grandkids

Netflix $15 kind of default…might get cut.

Or not. We have at least 3 family members piggybacking NF and Disney…

Then HD antenna for local weather, Lions etc. and Roku Smart TV channels.

Im not adding YT+ for $65 more…


Some good shows there Weasel. Looking forward to House of the Dragon. I like Yellowstone but it’s getting to be a little hit or miss for me. Also looking forward to the Rings of Power series coming up on Amazon in September.

I will say IPTV (Google it, there’s many services out there) has been a life saver and easy on the wallet. Since I don’t live in Michigan presently, IPTV allows me to watch all of my old local sports teams plus much more.

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I get it.

If i didn’t need redzone id probably not subscribe either. That’s one I’ve got to have though.

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