We get to see D'meathook this week


About time.


I wonder what this means for Brockers

he prolly will still play im guessing but more limited in his snaps

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Benito Jones should not play anymore this season, he has been horrible. Buggs looked okay the first two weeks, but has been terrible these last two weeks. Brockers hasn’t been nearly as bad as last year, IMO. That’s not to say he has been any good, but I don’t think he is a major issue.

Going into the year with these injuries it looked like we severely lacked a solid DT nest to Alim and that’s shown. The bigger issue is Hutch/Harris/Okwara/Bryant have been major disappointments. Hutch to a lesser extent because he is getting little help, but I think that’s been the biggest disappointment on defense.


Honestly with hutch its a scheme issue

Hes getting Constantly double teamed (If i remember hes actually one of the highest edge players who are getting double teamed) which means that his placement on the Line is not working, which is why they are moving him around it looks like. Harris def looks shit, Julian hasnt looked super bad, but is still kinda Raw for what we need now, Bryant looks blegh

Outside of McNeil, who I like overall even if he is a tad overrated by fans, the DT position has nothing.

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This is whose spot DT is taking. I’m not sure why it’s taken so long to play him, but we’ll see on Sunday for a few snaps what we’ve been missing. I’ve been an early fan of DT and think he’ll force his way into playing time even with Paschal balling and the Commish coming back.

But remember: The Den’s content is for entertainment purposes only.

It is baffling to me that anyone would think this is not the most pressing need on the team. Would help the whole Defense if we could just hold the line even occasionally.


I thought Julian looked really bad. Whether it’s scheme or individual coaching I don’t know.

Example: he was left untouched on a delayed hand-off to the running back. Majority of DE’s or LB’s for other teams would have blown the guy up and caused a fumble or injury. J Okwara doesn’t even notice where the ball is … he just blindly pushes inside down the line, and the RB walks untouched around him to the outside for a huge gain.

Keep in mind, this is what he did when left unblocked. What are the chances of him doing something when actually blocked? Just some really strange play going on with our defense.

Again as everyone else has said

i think the scheme is causing issues at all 3 levels of the D tbh

but yeah that is also his mental and individual mistake which is yeah still raw, similar to Barnes a bit tbh


The way this guy dominated in preseason, he should have already been active.


IMO this suggests that we’re planning to rush 4 a lot more and want our most disruptive lineup to that end.

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When you are giving up 48 points without forcing a punt to a rebuilding team in the Hawks. There is no reason to continue playing vets. The rookies and young kids can’t possibly do any worse, it’s not possible to be any worse. At this point, play Taylor, play Iffy, who didn’t have a single snap on defense last week, heck even throw Barnes in there, use him as a pass rusher. Keep playing Kerby, Activate Houston off the practice squad, play him too. Sure there is going to be mistakes, probably many, but the Vets proved they aren’t helping. At least by playing the youngsters, they might improve. Again we have nothing to lose on defense.


This is Brockers wielding the hammer of Thor on defense:

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When is Comminsky due back?

No clue tbh

Hoping after the bye atleast

How is Julian still raw after 3 years in the league. If the light hasn’t come on for him by now I doubt it ever does.

I think at the very least Taylor will give them more inside pass rush. His quickness is going to be a problem for some guards. They key is not wearing him out trying to hold up against the run. I’m excited for this kid. He’s going to give everything he has on every single snap.

Save him for the fourth quarter. Let him come in fresh against a gassed offense.

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