We got a kicker boys

Check the UDFA thread

If it’s not Jake Bates, I don’t care :rofl:


It’s the thiccer kicker though! We got the fatty




Unlike most here I’m fine with Badgely, that 54 yarder vs the Rams was nails, that being said Mevis isn’t chopped liver, I’d be perfectly ok with him also


Brad being sneaky. It’s a smoke cloud shadowing over Bates coming in. @Davicus knows what’s up.

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What is the source?

It’s posted in the UDFA thread, however it looks like it hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it could be one of those where other teams are trying to offer him more money. This happened with Brandon Joseph last year.

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Boys we no longer have a kicker. The Panthers trumped our offer. I hate those guys.

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I don’t trust him to hit it consistently, like we did with Prater.



The money badger deserves a lot more respect for sure. Dude won us a playoff game.

He has obvious limitations… but fans that blame him… lol

Doesn’t matter who we have at kicker. Campbell is going for the TD!

Yeah again, the Panthers outbid us for his services in the end, so feel free to close this one @Nate

Yea he jumped ship.

Its all speculation until they officially sign