We have beaten one winning team

Right now, there are only three teams that we have played with a winning record - KC**, Seattle and Baltimore.

With TB, LAC, Atlanta, GB, Chi, LV, and Carolina all struggling, our “strength of victory” tie-breaker is taking a hit.

Are we worried? Nah!

I really do think we need to beat the Cowboys…before people start talking about this. Of course, with the number of people getting their material from Nate’s board here, let’s see how long it takes for this narrative to appear. Along with the asterisks again.

Literally nothing but asterisks.

This team stinks


The only problem I have with an “easy” schedule is that the team might not be battle hardened come the playoffs.

I do think there’s merit to this conversation. But instead of asterisks, I’d frame it as “the Dallas game will be a true measuring stick at this point in the season.”

If we get blasted, we should rightfully be concerned.


Can only play who is on the schedule and I’m not going to apologize for it.
Keep playing and getting better every week anything can happen on any Sunday or Saturday.


I agree. I was actually a bit disappointed Cousins got hurt because he’s pretty good and would test the defense and get us more experience vs good qbs before the playoffs

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Ugh ……

And we have beaten five team within .500…. Meaning a one game swing and we would have beaten six teams at or above .500

Who cares…. Enjoy it bro

We simply need to beat the next team up: GB

And we could also frame this as “we bear who we are supposed to beat”

We are off to the beat start since BEFORE I WAS BORN!!!

And we want to negative about this moment.

I’ll keep saying friends…. We are not designed to live in worry and a wiry of an unknown future ….

Be happy!! :innocent::heart::crazy_face::+1::pray::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::motorcycle::boom::upside_down_face::sunglasses:


All that strength of schedule stuff is relative. We truly won’t know if we beat/lost to a good team until the season ends. And if we beat a bunch of teams that end the year 9-8…What does it truly mean??


Irony is all the teams we have played have a stronger SOS because they played us.


For years the Patriots feasted on the AFCE playing the Bills, Jets and Dolphins, all teams that are usually under 500 and most considered them the greatest franchise of all time


A lot of those teams would be 500 or better if they beat the Lions, so it’s kind of a pointless stat


It’s a typical trauma response from people. Like when a kid gets adopted into a nice family but they can’t accept it because they are afraid to trust and know in their heart they will be hurt eventually. So instead of accepting the new loving, caring, family they reject them and to try to sabotage the relationship, to just get the hurt over with. It’s like ripping off a band-aid. Just rip it off and get it over with because you know your going to get hurt anyway, so just rip it off fast and get it over with.

Lions fans are just a bunch of PTSD kids predicting a self fulfilling prophesy. That way when we eventually lose (it’s inevitable, all teams lose) we can point and say “See I knew it! I was right not to trust and hope for something better!”


Completely agree. And I still struggle with that at times. We Lions fans have been through hell.

Anyways super bowl.


I believe the first tiebreaker is record against common opponents.

Eagles–currently 3-0

34-28 over Vikings
25-11 over Bucs
28-23 over Cowboys
??? vs Chiefs–to be determined tonight
??? vs Cowboys–to be determined 12-10-23
??? vs Seahawks–to be determined 12-17-23

Lions–currently 2-1

21-20 over Chiefs
31-37 loss to Seahawks
20-6 over Bucs
??? vs Vikings 12-24-23
??? vs Cowboys 12-30-23
??? vs Vikings no date set yet

If the Eagles lose to the Chiefs tonight, then the Lions would need for them to lose at least one more to either to Cowboys or Seahawks.

Correlatively, the Lions would have to sweep the last 3.

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49ers 2-1 vs common opponents

42-10 over Cowboys
17-22 loss to Vikings
27-14 over Bucs
??? vs Seahawks 11-23-23
??? vs Seahawks 12-10-23
??? vs Ravens 12-25-23

Three tough games to go.

Lions are in pretty good position to win a conference tiebreaker over the 49ers.

It is actually conference record then common opponents

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Well, obviously. Someone was talking about tiebreakers and mentioned strength of schedule or strength of victory, neither of which is the first factor.

Okay… but if it is obvious that conference record is tie breaker 1… than why did you go through the common opponents callout?

To me it seems unlikely to get there considering but i guess it is cool to be prepared, even less likely to get to SOV which we agree

If the Lions and Eagles both finish with the same record, e.g. 13-4, the first tiebreaker is how they did against common opponents, is it not?

No it is conference record… so if they lose 1 to nfc opponents and we lose 2 it is them, has nothing to do with common opponents until we have same nfc conference record as well as same overall record.