We keep talking OC, but I want to replace our DC too

Considering he could keep over at any moment being 158 years old, maybe I’ll get my wish without a firing.

But is this guy really going to be our DC next year too??

I was half wondering if he agreed to take the lions job for a year then retire when we found a suitable replacement.

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You were half wondering, I was fully hoping.

I saw it as a ridiculous hire to begin with.


Once we got Snacks, wasn’t our defense pretty darn solid? Aside from not having a 3rd CB worth a darn after Agnew went down (and Lawson moved inside), the defense was darn good, especially at the end of the year. And it’s not PP’s fault that he was left with a choice between Shead, Ford, or Tabor, right?

This is a weird thread.
I mean, I get it. He looks like an older, dumber version of Will Ferrell.
But looking at the progress of the front 7 with the turnover there… man, he might be due a bit more credit than he’s being given. The transition with the DB’s didn’t go smoothly… and they’ve cut a secondary coach that obviously didn’t mesh with coach Patricia… but we’re calling for Pasqualoni’s head after this season?

17 mil spent on his premier pass-rusher who played less snaps than the practice squad players we promoted in the final quarter of the season. But Pasqualoni is old, so let’s get rid of him.

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Is the transition something to give him credit for? After all, Quinn was the one who stocked the cupboard so well.

Gotta be honest, defense is the last of my worries, staff wise.
It’s all about performance, and they out performed the personnel.
By miles!


Ahhh, already found next year’s excuse!

It’s good to stay ahead of these things, that way I know whether it’s worth my time getting up early to watch this team.

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I give him credit for putting pieces in areas they could succeed, some of which were pieces that were not with the team until after the 4th pre-season game.

You can knock Quinn on the cupboards being bare. But the barer the cabinet, the more you have to appreciate the old fart at coordinator.

The defensive front at the night of our cut to 53 included Sylvester Williams and Anthony Zettel. By week 1 Zettel was replaced with Okwara… a few weeks later Williams is out and Snacks is in. In the mix, you have Ansah, who’s quite possibly older than Pasqualoni, show up just long enough to throw his hip out again.

But in it all, we saw a defensive front completely devoid of pass-rush talent fair pretty well. We saw a defense that slowed the Rams badly and provided a gameplan others have followed. Pasqualoni is a pleasant surprise in all of this. You can rail against lots of members of the team, Quinn included, but gramps did pretty good with what he was dealt.

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I was doing the opposite, actually. We are absolutely loaded at DT, so I was pointing out that I’d be even more worried if PP couldn’t get decent numbers out of them.

I was giving credit to BQ for getting Hand, Snacks, and maybe some to Patricia for seemingly inspiring/motivating Robinson.

Yeah, there doesn’t have to be a bad guy there. Snacks, Hand, Okwara and even Harold. There was a great deal of turnover there. As Quinn said, though, not enough playmakers. But that’s on Quinn, not PP.

My point in responding to begin with is that, yeah, it’s looking like he’s back next year. Much of the defensive coaches are, aside from the quality control guy that was let go. And considering what we got out of that defense last year sans a healthy pass-rusher, I’m more encouraged than I am concerned.

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Wait, I thought I was making excuses for 2018?

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I think he’s a co-defensive or subordinate defensive coordinator. He is just relaying everything Patrica designs.


I thinking you might be on to something here.

Having visited with you for several years now online, I’d say you’re definitely due for a break. I can tell you to expect the worst and hope for the best, but at the end of the day, if none of this is fun to you anymore, it’s time to move on. They are a professional football team that has our interest, but if they turn us into curmudgeonly old men in the course of watching their repeated failures, then we owe it to ourselves to find new interests. If the Lions pee in your cereal every morning, kick them out.

Seriously? After the last 20 years if you’re not brain baked from watching, you’re not a fan (taken from the word “fanatic”).
Casual observers don’t get worked up, or maybe those on Zoloft or Xanax.

“get worked up”, yes. root for, cheer for, hope for… yep. scream and holler at the tv or the computer? yep. develop a dislike for individual coaches or players? yep. All part of fandom.
obsessing over the team or parts of it? Yep, that too.

I probably didn’t need to put my psychoanalyzer hat on last night. I just get a little concerned for folks that morph into Eor because this team gives us little to cheer for.

Considering you’re reading ain B&W text, I’d be careful looking into people’s tones.

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Paxil. And scotch. Good scotch.

PP is GOOD, darnit…but I’d also venture a guess that he is the Big Man’s yes man. I’d also suggest that the eventual replacement is being groomed on staff (ala the Patriot Way)…