We missed a tremendous milestone 8 days ago!

It’s been 10,008 days since the Lions have won a playoff game.

However, 10,000+ days is the second most impressive stat here. The previous playoff win was the 1957 championship game. In the last 61 years, the Lions have one playoff win.

Have a great day, boys! :raising_hand_man:

I am so glad you pointed this out. I’m not sure anyone was aware that we suck.

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Not so fast now, the Bungles have almost a year longer since a win…

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The News and Freep were all over it. Nancy wasn’t about to let such an important milestone pass without everyone taking notice.

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What’s the definition of insanity again?


Yeah, so, we’re all insane. I notice you keep hanging around.:laughing:

Oh come on. Just a bit of fun here.

Exactly. :sunglasses:


Here’s to 28 years of Lucy pulling the football away every time we try to kick it.