We now know who’s fault it was

This D looked meh today. Which is a huge step from the abomination we’ve been throwing out there. So it’s as clear as windex’d glass who’s fault it was.
We got rid of him this week.
He had to be the catalyst.
TJ Hockenson was holding this Defense back. Glad we got rid of him so these other guys could step in an actually make some stops and take advantage of Rodgers looking like crap.


Transitive property of offense sucking whilst having Hock, puts the D on the field more
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It’s like magic. Addition by subtraction and suddenly we are 1/2 game out of second place in the NFCN
These guys are playing chess while we are looking at the checkerboard.
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Only two games out of the wild card spot.


Beat the bears on Sunday and I might need to go shopping.

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